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Norway is full of mountains from south to north and is one of the world's best areas for mountaineering in winter. The beautiful coastline offers many thousand-meter peaks that rise from the fjords to the top. With a campervan, you can hop in the car, check where the weather is nicest, and the snow is best, and head towards the best experience!

Randonee skiing with skins gives you the opportunity to first climb mountain peaks before removing the skins and skiing back down with the same equipment. This provides a fantastic sense of freedom, in addition to the downhill ride being well-deserved after a trip upwards in beautiful nature. Full randonee equipment can be rented at the larger ski resorts in Norway.

Norway is one of the most snow-secure places in the world. From December to April, you can find good snow conditions in both the north and the south. In fact, you can ski here all year round, as there are summer-open ski resorts at Stryn, Folgefonna, and Galdhøpiggen.

There are ski resorts and simpler off-piste opportunities just 30 minutes away from Oslo. If you travel 2 hours away, you’ll find the first snow-sure mountain peaks. Norefjell, Høgevarde, Gaustatoppen, and Hemsedal are all areas where you can find mountain peaks and trails of varying difficulty. From the top of Gaustatoppen, you can actually see one-sixth of the entire Norway on a clear day!

Skiing on a camper van trip

5-6 hours from Oslo, you’ll find a paradise of mountains along long fjords. Areas like Sogndal, Sunnmøre, and Voss give you opportunities not only for ski touring but also for other activities like dog sledding. If you venture to Sogndal, you can first climb spectacular peaks before parking the car outside a floating sauna in Fjærland. The feeling of entering a blazing hot sauna after a long day out in the snow is indescribable! Maybe you dare to take a dip in the cold sea too?

Back in the car, you can cook yourself a nice dinner, find warmth, and dry clothes after the day’s adventure. The vehicles are equipped with a Webasto, allowing you to camp freely anywhere. If you rent a spot at a campsite, our vehicles have an electric fan heater. Wether you freecamp or stay at a campground, our gear makes sure that you stay warm throughout the night, even down to minus 25 degrees (yes, we’ve tested), and with good winter duvets, everything is ready for a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, the vehicles are also equipped with a practical ventilation hatch with a fan that allows you to air out and remove humid air from drying or cooking. All our winter campervans have winter tires and chains for those cases of steep terrain or icy roads. The vehicles also have a flashlight, a small toolbox, and jump starters for extra cold days.

Skiing In the Norwegian mountains


With winter camping, it’s wise to keep an eye on the weather where you plan to drive and stay overnight. In Norway, we have many different services to make winter travel as safe as possible. We recommend keeping an eye on the weather service and to find out if mountain passes are open or not. Traveling in Norwegian nature in winter often entails a risk of avalanches. The website is useful for finding updated maps and avalanche warnings.

So what are waiting for, experience the wild beauty of Norway – even in winter with CabinCampers!

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