We are ready for winter vanlife. Are you?

Our sturdy campervans are tailored for the demanding Norwegian conditions, allowing you to explore the wild nature Norway has to offer. With a campervan from Cabin Campers, you have the freedom to bring along all the gear, food, and accommodation you need, and chase after the best weather or the perfect powder snow!
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During the winter months, there are fewer visitors at Norway’s tourist attractions, and you can experience them in their magnificent winter attire. Explore Bryggen in Bergen, visit the stave churches, or explore the Fram and Munch museums in a different atmosphere.

With our campervans, you can experience a unique adventure in Norwegian winter, where our vehicles, inspired by the traditional Norwegian cabin, take you where regular motorhomes cannot, with their robust construction and winter-ready facilities.

Man with a campervan in winter

Our vehicles not only offer comfortable driving but are also equipped with chains, flashlights, and jump starters for added safety. Inside the car, the Webasto heating system ensures you stay warm throughout the night, and the simple regulation makes it a pleasant experience, even when the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius. Additionally, our vehicles have an electric fan heater that can be used when camping at campsites, perfect for keeping warm and drying equipment after a day in the Norwegian winter landscape.

Norway is full of winter activities and adventures. From ski resorts along the coast to deep valleys, you can rent everything from downhill skis to randonee equipment and explore the well-developed network of cross-country ski trails. Many ski resorts have special parking spaces for motorhomes, with electricity and toilet facilities – check their websites for details. Guided tours and courses are also offered, so you can get to know Norway’s national sport, cross-country skiing, or perfect your technique in downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Planning is key to a safe winter camping experience. Stay updated on the weather conditions along your route by checking services like yr.no and veivesenet.no, so you can avoid unexpected obstacles along the way.

Snow chains

See winter as an exciting opportunity and take a trip around Norway with a Cabin Camper!

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